Here and there

It's been an unsual past one week or so. This is mainly due to my mum being hospitalised.

She was scheduled for a normal surgery to treat her sinus but the surgery ended with complication. Something about blood flowing backward and so she couldn't breathe. Scary. Much later, it was also revealed that her throat was inflamed and so that didn't helping with her breathing either.

She was admitted to ICU for nearly a week before being transferred to normal ward for a few days. That period was frightening as there were a couple of episodes of non-breathing, which later traced to her biting the oxygen tube. During those incidents, I observed that she appeared to be having nightmare (she was asleep most of the times during the initial stay in the ICU) and clenching her teeth (and thus biting the tube). The nurses then inserted something to prevent that. From then onward, it was progress. Phew.

As for work, a year-end valuation project will start very soon. The bad news is that the client couldn't provide complete data and so we (the actuary and I) have to do extra work to get around it. It's definitely not ideal because this introduces yet another layer of uncertainty of which potential dispute can arise in the future.

This project is expected to go on until probably Feb. I'm hoping it'll be done before my dad's impending surgery (to remove cyst).
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  1. William Says:

    Surgery always come with risk