Andez lucky draw

Recently, before helping Ban set things right at his place after his war against bedbugs (and also sterilise my clothes with boiling hot water and put them to wash), we went to Andez for dinner as it was nearby. This time, we brought his brother along as it would be his first time to the restaurant since renovation and under new management.

I tried one of their recommended dishes: Fish & Cheese (RM 19.90). It was basically deep fried dory fish coated with bread-crumb with cheese and cherry tomatoes on top and a small side dish of salad. I chose mashed potato instead of fries.

The fish was delicious, juicy and light while the breadcrumb was crunchier than the usual dish. The addition of tomatoes and cheese were quite refreshing and interesting respectively but I didn't think the cheese added much to the dish. If the difference between this and their Fish & Chips is only the cheese, then I wouldn't pay extra for this dish. The mashed potato was forgettable.

Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of the dish due to tiredness and hunger. However, I did (later) take photo of this:

Andez voucher

After the bill was paid, we were asked to pick a red packet from a big bowl. I was delighted to have picked this because coincidentally I next wanted to try their Fish & Chips as a comparison with the dish I just had. Yay! :)
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