Mat Salleh

Fyi, in Malaysia, Mat Salleh refers to Westerners. Yes, today, I shall talk about them.

Just kidding :P Actually, it's the name of a restaurant. It is the latest reincarnation of a particular corner shoplot that in the past never seem to be auspicious for its business owners. We'll see how this one goes.

As a first (as far as I can remember), they offered free lunch on their opening day on a Tuesday, the same week as Chinese New Year. By then, I was already back home in Seremban. Nevertheless, I usually do not visit a shop on its first few days, for the fear of big crowd.

They have an interesting mix of Western and Malay food plus a variety of fried rice. Malay food was just mixed rice with some mouth watering spicy dishes...not that I try it hahaha. Instead, I tried their Grilled Fish Fillet (RM 14).

Mat Salleh 1

Mat Salleh 2

The fish fillet was soft but a little too salty. The dipping sauce was a little peculiar: it had red and green bits. It wasn't spicy and not sure whether it added anything to the cream. In any case, the fish was better off without the sauce.

The grilled potato was not hard (which was good) and appeared to be pan fried. I wish they gave more of the fresh salad and replaced the coleslaw. The latter had strong tasting cream, which was bad on its own but surprisingly went well with the potato.

I probably won't have this again but may just try their other dishes.

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