Duel of Champions resumed

It had been ages since I played ranked duels. Probably since I completed the Week of Enrolment quest. As a result, although I still have my Champion II rank, my (hidden) ELO (rank points essentially) steadily degraded to the point that I was playing against lower level Champion I and higher level Lord Commander players.

At first, it was ok because I was still trying to a variety of deck builds and then later trying to master a few decks I like. In addition, the duels were still challenging despite choosing unranked duels.

However, later, as my ELO dropped by nearly 300 points, I was winning duels more often than not. It was something like 80% win rate? *shrug* I'm not sure but I knew I wanted more challenges. So I decided to play ranked duels. There are, however, a few problems:

  • I still suffer from heart palpitation and have to stop playing after 2 consecutive duels! This is crazy @@
  • I've been ill for nearly 2 weeks :( So I feel oozy and lose more often than not.

I still play unranked duels, especially to fulfill the daily quests. When I do feel well enough, I'll try to play a ranked duel. We'll see how that goes.
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