Duel of Champions: Champion II & Swiss Tournament

At last! On 21 Sep, I reached Champion II tier :) Yay! On 23 Sep, I secured enough ranking points to be above the minimum points to retain that tier comes the next reset. I still need to ensure I play (and win) a duel once every week to avoid the decay in points (from lack of dueling).

I still suffer from heart palpitation and sometimes my hand shakes after a ranked duel. The above 2 duels were especially intense because of what was at stake. If I had lost, I would have lost points and thus be further away from the tier.

However, this unexpectedly came at the wrong time because Ubisoft decided to launch a global quest of some sort called the Week of Enrolment. Basically, from 25 Sep to 1 Oct, you'll need to level up a certain number of times (depending on your level as at 25 Sep) to receive 3 packs of cards of the next expansion (scheduled to be released in Oct). Hence, for my level, I need to level up 5 times.

Now, it's hypothesised by Ban and I that you get more experience from winning rather than losing a duel. It is, logically, harder for me to win duels at Champion II tier compared to Champion I. So far, I've leveled up only twice :( Admittedly, this was also a result of playing more Guild Wars 2 recently. The heart palpitation doesn't help either, although it occurs less often for unranked duels.

So I will need to concentrate fully on playing DoC exclusively these 2 days if I want to qualify for the gift.

Oh, incidentally, I've won my 9th Swiss tournament recently :) I won with Kat in Standard format. Previous wins can be found here.
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