Coliseum: 2nd time

So, we did have lunch at Coliseum again. I was hoping that this would be much better than the first time.

This time, I ordered the Grilled Perch Fish (RM 21.90).

Coliseum 11

Coliseum 12

The fish was fresh and smooth (2 important factors for me). The sauce was surprisingly light and perhaps a little too light for the fish. Then again, some people may like it that way as it certainly couldn't overwhelm the natural sweetness of the fish no matter how much of it was poured on it.

The sauteed vegetables (underneath the fish) were quite crunchy and not too oily. The small amount of salad was fresh (honestly, I rather have more of that than the sauteed vegetables). Mashed potato was smooth and was sufficiently salty without needing any sauce.

Overall, it was a good dish and it would be a dish I can order in future.

Coliseum 10

The only downside to this lunch experience was this Ice Blended Cappucino (RM 7). It was diluted. Definitely on my ban list.
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  1. William Says:

    Ice blended cappuccino is funny. The signature foam would have been lost in the process.