Inaho: 5th time

One day, I craved for ramen for whatever reason and so I contemplated having Inaho's Shoyu Ramen after gym for lunch. However, since Ban and I planned to have dinner at Ramen Ten (to be blogged about soon), I decided to try something else.

Inaho 5th rd_1

Inaho 5th rd_2

The salmon sushi looked similar to the one I had the first time. Unfortunately, its size was also inconsistent among the pieces (look at the first two pieces). It tasted quite nice, luckily.

The third piece was salmon belly sushi which was thick and juicy. Delicious!

The amaebi sushi was interesting: it had 2 pieces on a clump of rice. Juicy, unlike most I had.

They gave me the pickled ginger despite my request of not having it.

Inaho 5th rd_3

Salmon maki was back to its glorious tall large self, like the 1st time and in contrast with the 2nd time I had it.

Once again, this restaurant has proven to be consistent in one aspect: being inconsistent. Are they changing their chef regularly or what?
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