Might and Magic: Duel of Champions ongoing

Yes, I am still playing this game. Since the last post, I have managed to win Swiss tournament for the third time and have more or less improved my average result to 3rd/4th position in the tournament. That's good.

I've won it using Necro, Inferno and Stronghold heroes (in that order). I am considering trying to win it next with Academy. Although Sanctuary hero is probably stronger, it takes more thinking and this is a disadvantage in Swiss tournament where there is time limit on each player. Haven hero, for me, has no chance to win it currently.

(Edit: I just won the Swiss tournament again and apparently I miscounted: I had won 4 previously and this is my 5th. Woohoo!)

I was contemplating registering for the global tournament, Road To Paris, organised by Ubisoft but ultimately I decided not to because of the timing: matches start at 1am local time @@. Such late hour will only increase my chance of losing.

I'll try to reach Champion 2 tier before the next reset on 5 Sep but I hesistant to play many ranked duels recently due to my illness :(

Here's a short Youtube video of a duel (IS = the spell Insect Swarm):

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