Might & Magic: Duel of Champions tournaments

I blogged about this game more than a month ago. Although I did slow down the amount time spent on it, I am still playing it on a regular basis (almost everyday).

There are two tournaments available online: Swiss and Jackpot.

Swiss tournament is where 8 players completing 3 duels to win prizes. Prizes are given to 1st and 2nd placed player and a lucky prize is randomly given to a player who stay to complete the 3 duels. Within each duel, each player is given a total 7 minutes to perform his actions. You win if you manage to beat your opponent before the 7 minutes is up or your opponent runs out of time before you do. The outcome of the duels do not affect your monthly ranking.

Jackpot tournament resets every 24 hours. During a 24-hour period, you can participate in it and duel fellow participants (randomly assigned AFAIK) but, unlike the Quick Match, you may get opponents with significantly different ranking than yours. At the end of the period, depending on your "rating" within the tournament (which is affected by your number of wins and losses), you'll get a certain amount of the jackpot gold. Oh, the amount of gold is determined by number of duels occurring within the tournament. Your monthly ranking is affected by the outcome of these duels.

The duel format for these tournaments varies each day e.g. Standard, Open, Inferno cards only, Neutral cards only, 39-cards deck, creatures-only deck. I usually aim for Standard format as I'm most comfortable using my Ariana Standard deck. I have, however, tried the Open, Inferno cards only and creatures-only format.

From time to time, when I found my courage (hehehe), I participated in the Swiss tournament to not only win prizes but also to improve my results. I seem to fluctuate around the 4th-6th position. Finally, one a few days, I managed to hit 2nd position 5 times and 1st position twice :) But boy, I feel old as my heart beats harder each time I play in this tournament.

Admittedly, I did all these by strategically choosing the time and day to play i.e. on weekdays and between 2pm to 4pm and 5pm and 6.30pm. Why such period? It's when I suspect the Americans and Europeans are least active and thus decrease the number of players who are way better than me. Yes, I know I'm not that good yet but hey, I do want the prizes and so I'm taking advantage of the time zone differences.

I learned a lot by looking at builds posted by good players, especially those with explanation, and replays. This game is much harder than it looks. It takes skills to go up the ranking higher than where I am now (ELO of 1200+). I hope to acquire them and move higher.
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