Recently, I heard this story from a friend.

His brother, mother and 94-year old grandfather were in the Curve one day and they had rented a one-seater electric buggy for his grandfather to use (normally they'll bring him around in a pushchair). This buggy had a normal and a slow speed and he chose the former speed.

You know how common it is for shopping centres to have ad hoc booths or displays along their (wide) walkway or in their concourse? His grandfather drove straight into one of those displays and knocking over some items! Luckily those items were not fragile items.

So what did he do? Did he like "ooops", apologise and perhaps reverse? Nope, he said something along the line of "Who on earth put these things here?" and just went forward and knocking over even more items, while his family members were frantically putting those things back. 

I laughed when I heard this while Ban face-palmed his forehead :)

Well, when you get that old, not only your family members indulge you, so does other people in general :)

Oh, and since then, those buggies are now on slow speed permanently. Even so, this friend's brother said, "Never again!". Guess they'll stick to the pushchair hehehe.
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