Increased pay for snatch thieves

I'm not sure about the rest of Malaysia but PJ is notorious for phones snatched by motorbikers when the victims are walking along a road while using their phones. That's why I always advise family and friends not to use their phones when walking out in the open along the road. Despite such regular incidents, there are still many people doing so.

I would imagine that this "activity" has become even more lucrative for the snatch thieves with the advent of and popularity of smartphones. Almost everyone, including children, use smartphones nowadays. These phones are larger than the normal phones and so there's less grip for the handler and higher chance for the thieves to snatch. Furthermore, there are now more people using mobile phones (smart ones or otherwise).


Number of mobile phones: up
Resale value of phones: up (because of the smartphone takeover)
Number of careless people: not down

So the end result: happier snatch thieves.
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