Transformers: The Age of Extinction

Warning: Some spoilers ahead.

"Some mysteries are not meant to be solved," (or something like that) was one of the last few sentences uttered by Optimus Prime at the end of the movie. Oh yes, how apt was that...especially since there quite a few 'mysteries' in the movie itself.

I consider myself to be average when it comes to detecting plot holes in movies/stories. Hence, detecting some would mean how obvious those holes are.

The first "huh?" moment came when Optimus and his comrades grouped up with the humans in Hong Kong, who were trying to deter the bad guys from getting hold of the 'bomb'. He stated it was important that the humans get the bomb across the bridge. The obvious thing to do (at that time) was for the Autobots (and, their allies, the Dinobots) to either take the bomb or escort the humans out of danger, right? Nope. Optimus asked the humans to drive a normal beat-up vehicle by themselves @@

Later, there was an even bigger surprise: Optimus flew into space! Yup, turned out that he could fly. If so, why didn't he just take the bomb and fly away? @@ I think this one is a major shocker to any Transformers fan because in both the cartoon series and the movies prior to this one, none of the Autobots (in robot form) can fly.

Those were my thoughts. Someone else thought of this one: the main human character, Cade Yeager, was an inventor and that sometimes he forgot to have his meals. If so, why was he so buffed? @@
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