Coliseum @Plaza33

It's been quite sometime since I last did "try new food each week". One reason is that there weren't any Groupon or Living Social vouchers that offer suitable food for Ban and me i.e. collectively we cannot have spicy, fried or oily food. Another reason is that we have tried whatever restaurants (subject to the criteria in previous sentence) that we came across in our usual haunts.

So by a twist of fate (actually it was due to turning into the wrong carpark hahaha) and hunger, we found ourselves at Coliseum at Plaza33.

When he was young, Ban ate at its original branch in KL (an old shophouse that was "oily" and "dirty").

Coliseum 4

Well, unlike the original, this branch was clean and was quite pleasing to the eyes:

Coliseum 3

Coliseum 2

Coliseum 1

It was bright, clean and spacious.

Coliseum 5

I ordered the Breaded Chicken Chop (RM 23.90).

Coliseum 6

Coliseum 7

The fries were a little soggy. The salad was fresh and of a variety of vegetables. The sauteed mix vegetables (underneath the meat) were fine. The bread crumbs didn't crumble easily when I cut the meat. Another good point was that the meat wasn't dry, something that could easily happen to deep fried food. However, it had a fleeting mild bad taste. Maybe it was the oil used? *shrug*  The sauce had good balance of taste i.e. not overpowering.

It turned out that the amount of food was just too much for me (again, maybe it was the oil? lol) eventhough I had it for late lunch right after gym. So next time, I would try something else. Perhaps what Ban had: Grilled Sea Perch (RM 21.90).

Coliseum 8

Coliseum 9

Ban said it was "ok" (I'm guessing it's alright for him to have it again). The staff, however, forgot to set aside the dressing for his salad.

Yes, I will want to try this place again but definitely not the Breaded Chicken Chop.
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