Dell-ing for repair

One fine day, the button 'a' of my Dell laptop stopped working properly. I tried typing a whole paragraph from a news article and all the 'a's' were missing half of the time. I was a little dismayed and my friend was surprised that it was broken although the laptop was only 8 months old.

So, it was my first time calling Dell for help, as my laptop is still under warranty (paid extra to extend it to 3 years). The customer service officer asked me whether it was only the button 'a' that was spoiled, which fortunately was the case. She then promptly assigned a technician/engineer to come over the next day to fix it. Wahhhhh.

However, the next day, my phone rang only for 2 seconds before the caller hang up. I tried calling back but then his line was busy. I was a little surprised that he didn't call back.

Now, let me briefly say something about some phones, including mine: the caller may be calling for, say, 6 seconds but on my end, it just rings for 2 seconds. I know of at least one other phone that behaves this way. Do you know of any?

So the next day I called Dell again and what I suspected was true. She then again assigned an engineer to come over (didn't say when but I expected it to be the next day) and this time I requested that the caller to ring for longer (I did explain the 6s vs 2s discrepancy).

Surprise! Surprise! The engineer came over a few hours later the very same day. Wahhhh. Took him about half an hour to replace the keyboard. It was quite scary for me to watch because he needed to open the bottom casing of the laptop and take out a few components to change the keyboard. It was so intricate to me (both the process and the layout of components in it). I was half afraid that some dirt/dust would fly in and short-circuit the laptop hehehe. Luckily nothing of that sort happen *touch wood*

Tested the keyboard before signing off the repair. So far, so good. Phew. So grateful for a relatively fuss-free service. Thanks Dell!
2 Responses
  1. William Says:

    Keyboard problems are their hallmark. Anyway, it always pays to extend the warranty.

  2. Bunny B Says:

    ppl tell me dell's customer service is very good, so i guess its true =D