Might & Magic: Duel of Champions

For fans of Might & Magic franchise, here's another avenue to enjoy some aspects of the game: Duel of Champions ("DoC"). It's free-to-play.

The heroes and creatures used here are from Heroes 6. You will recognise some of them graphically, albeit some with different names.

This is a card game, in the same vein as Magic the Gathering ("MtG"). In summary,

  1. Each hero comes with starting stats of Might, Magic and Destiny. Every turn, can activate the hero's ability to increase one of the stats or draw a card or activate a special hero ability if available.
  2. There are 3 types of cards you can "deploy": creature, spell and fortune and each one has different stats requirement.
  3. Besides meeting the stats requirement, you'll need to spend resources to play a card. By default, you'll earn 1 resource in turn 1, 2 resources in turn 2, 3 in turn 3, so on and so forth.
  4. The battlefield is divided into two: one for each opponent side and further divided into 2 columns (called "lines" here) and 4 rows.
  5. There are event cards in the deck that, with the cost of some resource, you can activate to, for example, temporarily increase attack power, protect a creature card from being targeted etc.
The key differences with MtG are
  • Resources are generated automatically whereas in MtG, mana is generated from land cards. So, there's no frustration of having only land or only non-land cards in hand and also additional headache of balancing your deck between the two types of cards. This is the primary reason why I prefer DoC over MtG.
  • There's no "reactive" mechanism like MtG i.e. no counter spells that can be played as a reaction to the opponent's action and thus making the game simpler and admittedly less interesting. Personally, I can live with that as otherwise there's too much planning and confusion.
  • Position of creatures matters here.
Do give it a try!
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