Kita No Zen @One Utama

I mentioned Kita No Zen only once in passing but it is one of the Japanese restaurants that Ban and I regularly visit. It is next to Hokkaido Ichiba, its sister restaurant. In fact, they have overlapping menu. The impression I have (right or wrong) is that Kita No Zen serves more sushi and sashimi while Hokkaido Ichiba serves more noodle. If you know the actual difference, please do tell me.

Oh, it is also the only Japanese restaurant we patronise that serves green tea for free.

Normally at Kita No Zen, I will order ala carte sushi and usually it's all salmon sushi. However, on rare occasions (Valentine's Day, birthday, dating anniversary) I'll try something new like this:

Kitanozen 50

The only thing I really didn't like was the squid sushi. The rest were fine although some sushi were a tad small. I was shocked that this cost RM50! Oh, come on, the maki's filling was cucumber. Definitely overpriced, isn't it?
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