Spiderman and The Last Man

On my recent trip to Australia, I took the opportunity to ask my b-i-l's help in borrowing Fables from the library there. Good news was that there were a few volumes available. Bad news was that they weren't in the right order. Oh well, some is better than none.

My b-i-l also lent me this to read: the first 20 issues of Spiderman!

Spiderman first 20 issues

I didn't manage to finish reading it. What I discovered was that Spiderman's web was much more powerful than I thought. It could be weaved into a shield, fireproof shoes, parachute etc. Amazing lol.

It was quite entertaining reading how Spiderman dealt with his various nemesis, usually after some initial setback. Half of the time he had to use his expertise in science to help him. For a mere high school science student, he was brilliant!

Y The Last Man

Y The Last Man was borrowed from the library. Intriguing story: every single male species on Earth died at precisely the same time, except for Yorrick and his male pet monkey. Chaos everywhere. I like it and hope to borrow its subsequent issue when I'm there next.
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