Chicken Chop @Pappa Rich Canberra Centre

Yes, the food chain has reached the shore of Australia and, more importantly, Canberra. My sister and her family had tried it a few times and loved it. It's better than their next best Malaysian restaurant and a little cheaper. Yay!

So in my recent visit, I requested to try the food there. Ironically, I rarely visit PappaRich here in Malaysia lol.

There were a few options in the menu I wanted to try. In the end, I ordered their chicken chop:

PappaRich Canberra chicken chop

I was surprised when I first tasted the rice: it was genuine chicken rice! It has the chicken stock taste together with tinge of ginger. The rice was pretty good although I was skeptical about it served with chicken chop.

Unfortunately, I was right: the chicken chop marinade was so salty that it overwhelmed even the brown sauce itself. That of course meant that white rice would have been more suitable than chicken rice to be served in this dish.

Although it was supposed to be coated with bread crumbs, I couldn't see or taste any. It was just a piece of normal fried chicken that was quite tough to chew.

Overall, it was not a good chicken chop. However, I'm keen to try other dishes. Hmmm maybe I should try the chicken chop here in KL for comparison.
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