Max Brenner's "The Euphoria" @Belconnen Mall

Max Brenner banana split waffle sundae

Its full name, according to the menu on its official website, is "The Euphoria Banana Split Waffle Sundae". It has

Double Vanilla Ice Cream Scoops, Waffle Squares, Crunchy Dark Waffle Balls, Gooey Toffee & Fresh Bananas, served with Pure Melted Chocolate & Caramelised Pecans.

At AUD14.50, it is such a huge portion that I definitely couldn't finish it by myself (shared with my sister). In addition, after awhile, the chocolate was too much for me ("jelak" in Malay language; closest English word is "bored"). I had to stop to drink some water and rest a while before continuing. Too much chocolate? Too much sweetness? *shrug*

I love chocolate ice-cream but probably not in this manner. I suspect banana split served with chocolate ice-cream is good enough for me.

Nevertheless, thanks to my sister I finally get to patronise the famous Max Brenner Chocolate Bar.
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