Inaho @the Curve: another try

One day, after gym, Ban and I were walking around thinking of what to have for lunch when he pointed out Inaho. Yes, we tried it before and our experience wasn't good then. However, we decided to give it another try (generous mood I guess lol).

While waiting for our lunch set meals to arrive, I noticed the salmon sashimi set that the next table's customer ordered. Wow, it had like 6-7 slices of salmon that were quite thick and large. It came with a bowl of rice, salad and soup. For RM22, it seems cheap!

Inaho second round_1

This was what I ordered. The cawanmushi was soft and of the right level of saltiness. The tempura didn't crumble easily (that's good!) with light tasty sauce. There was a squid tempura which was unusual. The salmon sushi was inconsistent in size but even the smallest one was of sufficient size. The bowl of salad was small but boy it was fresh and without blemish. I was pleasantly surprised by the salmon maki: instead of the usual mashed meat, it had pieces of fish and it was taller and slightly larger than the usual. The soup was alright and had some tofu. The pan fried egg was a little too sweet - the only downer in the set.

Guess how much was it? RM33 and the amount of food was too much for me. Next time I'll try the salmon sashimi set lol.

Inaho second round_2

This was what Ban ordered. I thought the grilled salmon was small but Ban said that it was of usual size. If I recall correctly, it was fine by him but evidently it wasn't enough as he ordered salmon maki (below).

Inaho second round_3

Ban was equally impressed with the size of the maki. The price was also more expensive than usual (can't remember exactly how much) but at least it was worth it.

It's great to see a restaurant turns for the better. Hopefully they'll maintain or get even better.
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