BroadBean Cafe

I had been meaning to try this restaurant but somehow I kept forgetting. One day, while Ban was out for a family dinner, I had mine there.

I distinctly remember taking a photo of the food I had but I can't find the photo anywhere. Humph.

I ordered the pasta aglio olio (RM11) and added the ingredient grilled shrimp (RM6). It was fragrant, which was a pleasant surprise, and the pasta portion was quite large. Thus it was rather disappointing that it was a little bland, not spicy at all and a little greasier than the usual aglio olio. The shrimp, thankfully, was great. Juicy and fresh.

BroadBean white fungus w longan

As for drinks, I had the white fungus with longan drink (RM5). It was more like dessert although it was classified under drinks. It was quite bland and there was no longan in sight. However, it seems to complement the pasta quite nicely. Perhaps to wash down the salt and grease?

Will I try it again? Hmmm the service was quite good and thus I'm inclined to give it another try. I'll bring Ban there next time.
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