Tony Romas can't afford butter knife?

Tony Romas served food that are of higher-than-average price and so I seldom go there. I did enjoy having the food there previously - the last was for celebrating Father's Day with my family.

Recently, Ban and I had lunch there on my birthday after gym. Yes, I felt a little extravagant the special day :)

Apparently they started something new since that Father's Day celebration (years ago lol): they served a few slices of bread and butter as appetiser, for free. There was, however, no butter knife in sight. There was a steak knife and I wouldn't had minded using it as butter knife if it wasn't for its humungous size (that just screamed "use me only for cutting steak!").

Shockingly, they informed me that they don't have butter knives! Whaaaat? Either someone didn't think things through or they are that stingy.

Updated 28 May 2014:

Oh, found another photo:

No butter knife 2

Also, I was reminded by my sister that they did serve bread with butter as appetiser during the Father's Day celebration. She produced documentary evidence of it hehehe.

Well, in that case, that just made it worse i.e. the restaurant still hasn't gotten proper butter knives all these years!
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  1. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Takde sudu. Ada garpu.