Pharmacy Direct (Australia) terrible service

I blogged about my sister's terrible experience with this online pharmacy back in October last year. Notably, it was stated that
Upon my sister's query, the CSO also advised her to put in remarks such as "requires long-dated expiry" for future purchases.
So for a recent purchase of 2 bottles of glucosamine + chondroitin (equivalent to a year's supply), she dutifully followed that advice (I believed she specifically asked for at least a year to expiry) and yet they still provided her with supplement that would expire in 7 months!

When I sister called them about it (and that she followed their advice), the response (given in a rude manner) was that it was a "policy" (to be unreasonable? rude??) and that 7 months was more than adequate. She was given the choice of returning the extra bottle for refund at her own cost which turned out to be about AUD8. Previously, she was able to do that reply-paid i.e. at their own expense.

She then sent an e-mail to them setting out the situation and reasons why it should be reply paid. Thereafter, there was silence. Sheesh.

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