Batman: The Black Mirror

Batman Black Mirror

I received this graphic novel as a birthday gift from William and Derek (thanks!) few months back and recently I finished reading it. (SPOILER ahead)

Here, Dick Grayson is Batman in Gotham City while Bruce Wayne is heading a Batman Inc which recruits allies to be Batmen globally (wahhhh).

As Joker sort of said in the book, Dick is different from Bruce. Maybe he displays more empathy than Bruce whereas Bruce is more logical? Not sure.

Another difference is that Dick prefers swinging in the air (ala Spiderman lol) while he said that Bruce prefers traveling in vehicles. This is perhaps alluding to Dick's past experience in circus?

The stories in the novel were mostly good and none were bad (short, maybe). In fact, I love the opening scene of one of the stories where employees of a bank found a dead orca at the lobby of their office when they arrived for work in the morning. Later, during an autopsy, a dead human body slid out from inside the dead orca. It is so meant for a CSI episode hehehe.

The ultimate villain was unexpected and it was quite dissatisfying not knowing exactly what happened to him. This is on top of the uncertainty of whether he had done a particular diabolical thing or not. I don't like it. I'm fine with a little "up to the readers to interpret" but please don't include too much of that.

Ban thought that I wouldn't enjoy reading this novel because of its dark theme. Oh yes, it is quite dark. Gotham City is portrayed as some sort of sinister city that brings out the worst in people and the good people are being pushed really hard. Fortunately, Batman and his friends won most of the times and thus made this an enjoyable read.

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