Duel of Champions: Heart palpitation and guilt

I must be getting old. A mere 3 consecutive ranked duels in Duel of Champions is enough to make my heart beat fast and my hands shaking. I'm not sure how to I am going to hit Champion 2 tier before the next reset if this goes on lol.

This is especially true when I use the Sanctuary hero Yukiko - a control deck. I like this deck because of the use of spells in an efficient manner with the help of Coral Priestess's Outmaneuver ability. This deck also has various other means to 'control' the board e.g. Blessed Lake Spirit to deter mass spell, Kabuki Seductress to stop a creature's attack for a turn, Kabuki Propagandist to increase cost of enemey's creatures. Its win-loss ratio is the best among my decks. However, I feel bad losing with it. Each time I lose, I'll say, "I have failed you Yukiko!" I'm crazy lol.

Anyway, the good thing is that I'm also comfortable ranking up with another deck build i.e. Kat. In fact, Kat is usually faster. So I'll alternate between these 2 and I guess I'll have to spread out effort at ranking up instead of going at it for solid 2 hours or so as evidently my heart cannot take it.

Wish me good luck!
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