Inaho: 4th time

The third visit wasn't good and seems to indicate fluctuating quality. I totally forgot that I was supposed to order the same food as a check on consistency. Instead, this time I ordered something that I normally wouldn't order if sushi is available:

Inaho 4th rd_1

Inaho 4th rd_2

For some reasons, I was hunkering for ramen and so I decided to try their Shoyu Ramen (RM 18).

At first glance, I was a little disappointed with the amount of ingredient. I first tasted the soup. I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty soup was. I believed I had shoyu ramen before but this somehow was better. Interestingly, it was darker as well.

It had chunks of chicken with unusual shape but it was nice and not dry. There were seaweed, bamboo shoot and leek too. Surprisingly it was filling, especially this was after attending yoga class. It may be better if there's an egg.

I will definitely have this again in future and hopefully they still maintain (if not improve) its quality.
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