Check media [Fail]

Recently I noticed that my laptop was slower in starting up and in shutting down. Also, just before it started Windows, there was a message at the top left that said, "Check media" and followed by "Check media [Fail]" after a few seconds.

This bugged me quite a bit since it was not supposed to be like this. I tried looking for solution on the internet. Firstly, I came across this:

Problem is that the I don't know how to get to the RAID BIOS to disable the acceleration.

Later, I discovered that there were a few people who said that the problem was due to the BIOS switching the boot source priority and all they needed to do was to put the hard drive back as the first priority. I did that (or so I thought) but the problem persisted.

Since my laptop was still under warranty, I called Dell technical support for the second time for this laptop.

After I told him that I had already run the diagnostic test using the programme pre-installed on the laptop as well as the one from Dell's website, the technician got me to run the one from the BIOS. That took almost 10 mins while he was on the line @@

All tests showed nothing was wrong. So guessed what he did next? He scheduled an engineer to come over to change the hard disk. Well, that was a surprise to me. I really thought he could help me fix it over the phone especially someone else reported that was how he got his fixed.

Hopefully the new hard disk will work well.
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