Sorethroat, phlegm, cough

It started off with me not having a good night sleep on Wednesday. Woke up with sorethroat on Thursday that progressively worsened throughout the day. So I consulted a doctor and took medication.

There was increased in phlegm production throughout Thursday evening and night which then prevented me from being able to sleep :( The next day, Friday, I consulted the doctor again. Turned out that one of the side effects of the anti-inflammation medicine was production of phlegm. However, for my case, it was worse than normal...or so I think I got this information correctly from the doctor. He prescribed a stronger medicine (Clarinase) to replace an existing one (Cetrizine). Phlegm did reduce substantially but evidently it wasn't enough stop it from causing me to cough as I struggled to sleep on Friday night.

I was so exhausted and desperate. So I took a tablet of Cetrizine after having light breakfast (at about 5am). Finally, after 2 days since I last slept, I fell asleep shortly after 6am, right until 1pm. Phew!

Since my throat was less painful than at the start, I took the chance by not taking the anti-inflammation medicine the following day. Whether it was sheer coincidence (maybe I was already recovering anyway) or not, the phlegm amount was significantly lesser and thus I could sleep throughout the night without waking up to spit it out or woken up by cough. I continued to make do without it and finally got back into rhythm of sleeping throughout the night. Yay!

Gradually the cough was less frequent but phlegm was thicker with less volume. Thus I'm still avoiding fried food and cold drinks/dessert for now.
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