Hokano in July

Sometime in early July, Hokano shifted to another location within the same area (still in Uptown). They are now above the shop Living Food Restaurant (just after HSBC bank, I believed).

Possibly to coincide with the move, they had an ongoing 20% discount on all food (both ala carte and set) and drinks for the entire month of July. Too bad I discovered this only much later. Nevertheless, I still managed to sneak in 3 visits with Ban.

Hokano 3

Hokano 4

In my previous blog post, I stated that the salmon sushi cost RM 3 each piece and white tuna sushi cost RM 5 each piece. I must had been mistaken because for these past 3 visits, they cost RM 4 and RM 3.50 each piece respectively (before discount). Strange.

In all the 3 visits in July, I ordered exactly the same thing (as above): 6 pieces of salmon sushi and 2 pieces of white tuna sushi. Their quality has been consistently good. Yes, it's expensive but by far among the top 3 sushi I had in KL and beating some of those fine-dining restaurants.

Ban had their beef, chicken and cooked salmon and no complaints so far. The fact that he's willing to go there repeatedly is a good sign :)

I'll still go there in future despite the end of the promotion but probably not as often hehehe.
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