Hokano @Uptown

When I visited iSmile Dental Clinic, I noticed the two Japanese restaurants that are on its right: Hokano and Arata. After checking with a friend who are more familiar with the area, I kept a mental note to dine at these restaurants.

First up is Hokano.

Hokano 1

As with any new Japanese restaurant that serves sushi, the benchmark I use is the salmon sushi. I also ordered white tuna sushi. The sliced salmon fish was thick and its size was appropriate for its price tag of RM3 each. The white tuna was sweet and juicy but with small amount of rice. It cost RM5 each. I'll definitely have these again, especially the salmon sushi :P

Hokano 2

The salmon avocado handroll tasted good but small for the price of RM6. Don't think I'll have this again.

Ban and I shared a bowl of edamame (sorry, forgot to take a photo of it) which was fresh but not sweet enough. It was, however, a large amount for only RM4.50.

I tried to go there again but it was close (on Tuesday? Gosh, I better make sure).
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