Arata @Uptown

After the good experience at Hokano, Ban and I tried Arata which is just next door. It specialises in udon and you can view, via glass panels, the chef making the udon.

Arata 1

For a change, I'll start with what Ban had: udon with sliced pork. He did top up with some other dishes. He said it was ok but the all-important fact is that he's willing to have it again :) Yay!

Arata 2

I had kitsune udon that also came with 2 slices of omelette. The kitsune was as sweet as expected. The soup was clear, not oily and with simple taste. The udon was firm but not hard. Overall, I liked it.

Arata 3

Ban and I each had an egg as topping. It looked plain and tasted normal like hardboiled egg, which was a little disappointing.

Arata 4

I had this as my topping. The char siu had significant amount of fat. It was juicy and not dry like most char siu I had. I sent my compliment to the restaurant about this. Worth it.

Arata 5

Ban had this as topping. Sorry, I forgot to write down his thoughts and I can't remember but it must have been not bad because he's willing to have it again :)

Oh, and the udon soup was MSG free. Thumbs up!

We definitely will be back there again and we told the staff there that. Hopefully the quality and quantity will be as good or even better.

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