Ban: My honey has mysterious ritual *wavy gesture with his hands in front*

Me: Whaaatt? I would think I'm the least mysterious person because there are usually reasons for all my actions.

Ban: Unfathomable reason! *waves his hands above his head*

Me: *laughs* Ok, why don't you tell me what this mysterious ritual is and I'll explain it.

Ban: Every Sunday lunch, you want to eat at the corner food centre opposite CIMB Bank.

Me: I like the lou shu fan kon lo and char kuay teow there. They open only during lunch. Since we have chap fan for lunch from Monday to Saturday, that leaves only Sunday to eat at that food centre.

Ban: OoOoOohhhh. I would never have figured it out.

Me: *laughs* I'm quite sure you could have if you had thought about it a little harder.

Ban: Unfathomable reaaaaasonnnnnn *waves his hands above his head*

Me: *laughs*
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