Crusader Kings 2: House of Zee Mau interlude

Much has happened since the last update but I'll take a break to jot down this thought:

Through a marriage, my ruler, the King of Andalusia, is also now the King of Bavaria, a kingdom that was part of the Holy Roman Empire ("HRE"). Unfortunately, this kingdom is scattered all over HRE. HRE, understandably, wants it back and so I've been under regular attack from HRE.

These days, I am busy putting out rebellions (especially during change of ruler, aggravated by existence of far flung land) and defending against HRE who takes nearly every single opportunity to declare war on my rebelling vassals. I can't help but be reminded of the situation in Ukraine. A rough comparison (reality in bracket) is as follows:

There was a change in the ruler of Bavaria (change in Ukraine's government) and shortly later the County of Gent (Crimea) took the opportunity to rebel against King of Bavaria (Ukraine's new government) to gain independence. The Emperor of HRE (Putin), being the de jure liege of the Count of Gent (Crimean government), took advantage of the situation to declare war to regain the county.

The comparison fails only at the end i.e. HRE declared war on Gent whereas Russia (sort of) "declared war" on Ukraine.
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