Anxious before trip

It is quite normal to feel a little anxious before my trip to OZ. Need to make sure I pack in the right stuff, including items I'm ferrying for my sister. Need to make sure tickets and boarding passes are printed. Bring both local and foreign currencies. So on and so forth. It helps that I make a list.

However, this time, I feel more anxious than usual, so much so that at times I feel like not doing such long distance trip any more. I tried to rationalise this feeling and concluded that it's due to work.

There is an ongoing project that was scheduled to reach a milestone on Friday, 28 Feb. However, this could not be achieved because the client disagreed with our resultss (what's new?!). Now it'll drag on until at least 7 March and thus eating into my vacation time.

To be fair, I did give a buffer of 2 weeks i.e. until mid-March to completely finish the project. It just that it would be great to finish the project as expected so that I can spend my precious vacation time with my sister and her family.

Oh well, let's hope for the best!
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