Oiso @Tropicana City Mall

Oiso 1

Normally, if we're headed to Tropicana City Mall for dinner, inevitably we'll dine at Sushi Tei because it has Ban's favourite dish (and the only favourite dish!). So, it was generous of him to agree to try this new Korean restaurant. Thanks, honey!

Oiso 2

Oiso 3

Oiso 4

Oiso 5
I love their interior design and decorations. It had a subtle modern look. They probably had traditional elements but I do not know enough to recognise it. Plants looked green and healthy, giving a "alive" feeling to the place. The restaurant itself was spacious and neat. So comfortable.

Oiso 6

This is the "Korean No. 1 Coffee"...which tasted quite normal. Nothing special.

Oiso 7

Oiso 8

I ordered Japchae, which is a sweet potato noodle - a dish that I love. I'm always on a hunt for such noodle at Korean restaurant and often than not it would be the determining factor in whether I'll dine there or not. In fact, I do check supermarket for it as it's easy to cook.

This was delicious but a tad too sweet. It was fragrant (probably from sesame oil) and not oily. All ingredients except for the sliced chicken was bland but it would have been better if the chicken was also bland, given how sweet the noodle was.

Side dishes:
  • Soup was a little salty but its vegetable (seaweed?) was nice and soft
  • The leafy vegetable was tough
  • As expected, I didn't like the kimchi.
  • The anchovy was salty and so definitely didn't go well with the Japchae
I would want to visit Oiso again and try something else but it's not possible if dining out with Ban because he rather eat at Sushi Tei. Oh, well :)
2 Responses
  1. Derek Says:

    Ooh there's an Oiso at Tropicana. There's one near my office at Hap Seng. Just tried it last week. Not too bad.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    What did you have?