SSM business certificate renewal

It's been a year since I registered my business as a sole proprietorship. For some reasons, I thought that I had some grace period after the expiry date (12 March 2014). However, since I was going to be in Australia in March, I decided to renew the certificate earlier.

It was a fortunate turn of event: I received a letter from SSM notifying me that my business cert is up for renewal and it has to be done 30 days before the expiry date @@

I vaguely recalled that the renewal can be done online. Several log-ins and online searches later, I concluded that the way to do it was to get the physical form, fill it up, scan it and upload the softcopy to the myPortal website for onward submission to the relevant authority.

The problem was that I was in Seremban and had no access to a printer to print the form and to scan. Yes, I could go to SSM office in town to obtain the form but I still can't scan. I then had another idea:

BSN SSM Business Cert Renewal

Yes, it can be renewed at any BSN branches and there is one in the housing estate where I live in Seremban. Yay!

I got the form from them and waited for my number to be called. It was a short queue, fortunately. However, when it was my turn, the bank staff told me I had to bring the certificate along as well. Huh? I didn't make a fuss but in my mind, I recall that all I needed was my IC and the completed Form A1. Humph!

Since I had the form, I had the choice of doing it online or attempt to renew at BSN again. I decided to try BSN again and did it in SS2 in PJ. The procedure was painless and all they did was to print out a new certificate. I opted for a 5-year renewal (RM30 for each year) to avoid needing to renew this every year.
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  1. tmay x Says:

    hey, I am at australia and my business license expired on august 2015. I'm currently thinking of a way to renew it online? I have a scanner and printer with me. Do you know do I get the relevant forms and to whom do I send the documents to? Would gladly appreciate your input :D

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    tmay x,
    Hi, since your license has already expired, I'm quite sure you couldn't really "renew" using the methods I've posted about. Sorry, I do not know what's the way forward. Try searching the web and/or asking SSM directly. Good luck!

  3. Hassan Says:

    It is good that BSN got provide such renewal service for the convenient of people. Hopefully soon all banks will provide the same services.