Fear to lose

I believed all of us occasionally have the fear of losing. It is not always a bad thing e.g. fear of losing your savings if speculate in share. It can, however, be debilitating in other scenario.

Imagine that you are naturally smart or even a genius. You can do things easily. Success come easy for you early in your life. People praise you and soon enough such easy success is a given in their eyes.

Later, you suffered a loss at a particular activity. People are shocked but most, if not all, will probably brush it off as an extremely rare occurrence. You then simply stop doing that activity. What's worse is that it's possible you'll do that even without other people's reaction and simply due to your perception of how people may react.

Oh, it is real. There are people who refuse to play a game again (e.g. sports, computer, card, boardgame) after losing only once.

On a closely related topic, it is thus important that when we praise a child, we praise him not for his success but for his effort he put into achieving the success. Yes, raising children is a minefield lol.

I like to believe that as I get older, the fear to lose in a game diminishes greatly. Sure, I may be a little unhappy at losing but it won't stop me from playing it again especially if I still enjoy playing it with other people.

As for fear of losing money in investment, I view it as a positive behaviour. It motivates one to take the necessary precaution, planning etc. before investing.
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