Atlas Reactor: first 5

Apparently I misunderstood the "first 5 players" to level up a character to 20. Yes, they were watching out (and announced whenever it happened) for the first player to level up the respective 21 freelancers ("world first" and already done!), they are also taking note of the next 4 players for these freelancers.

Once I knew this, I checked a list maintained by a moderator of the Atlas Reactor discord channel and concluded that I could possibly be among the first 5 players to level up Grey to 20. Henceforth, I played her exclusively and grouped with in-game friend whenever I could. I forwent playing any other games, notably Overwatch.

Just very early this morning (I panicked after a 3rd player managed to level up Grey lol), I managed to be the 4th player to achieve this :)

Grey first 5 ingame

This was the immediate reaction when the broadcast was made at the end of the game (our team was steamrolled, unfortunately).

Grey first 5 discord update

This was the announcement made by the discord channel's moderator.

My win/loss stat is 93-44 i.e. a win rate of 67%. Not bad for me hehehe. Yes, I'm quite proud in reaching this achievement.
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