Spiral downward

Following the shocking news, our next appointment was with the colon specialist. By then, the tumour marker blood tests ordered by the urologist were already out:

  • normal for liver and prostate
  • normal for colon but was high prior to removal of kidney
  • high for pancreas but was 10 times higher prior to removal of kidney
Colon specialist was not particularly worried about colon but because polyps were discovered during the last colonoscopy done a year ago, he ordered for another scope done.

Pancreas specialist ended with them (she consulted her "boss") referring my dad to the oncologist for treatment. They surmised that since previous scans couldn't detect cancer, it must be small and yet potent in spreading. After some discussion, aside from the 3-part CT scans (upper, middle and lower body) scheduled in Dec, my dad will be going for PET/CT scan soon. Thereafter, there will be follow-up appointment with the pancreas specialist and of course we'll show the results to the oncologist too.

According to the pancreas specialist, the cancer is at Stage 4 since it had metastasised from somewhere else. As a response to my query on prognosis on a "best case scenario", she said around 1 to 2 years :(

We'll see what the oncologist say. They'll get back to us within a week to fix an appointment.
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