My dad underwent PET/CT scan at Beacon Hospital. I was hoping that it would detect the primary site of the cancer to be somewhere where it's feasible to operate. However, it detected nothing abnormal or found unremarkable signs.

So at that point, we thought that either the scan was incorrect or the initial diagnosis was incorrect i.e. the cancel cells did not originate from somewhere else and so the kidney was indeed the primary site.

We then met the oncologist. Actually, he wasn't the oncologist that my dad was assigned to. I guess he was assisting the doctor in-charge? *shrug*

We answered all his questions and before he went off to consult the doctor in-charge, I asked whether it was a good idea to get a second opinion on the test of cancer cells in the removed kidney. I blundered in the way I asked hahaha ("maybe the pathologist made a mistake?") but he got it in the end and said he would include that in discussion.

However, after he came back, he merely recommended a 6-cycle palliative chemotherapy. Tumour marker blood tests would also be ordered to track progress. Their best guess of the primary site was the pancreas and that the cancerous cells were too small to be detected by PET/CT scan. What? Really? Goodness!

We asked him for a referral letter (to be collected only next day, unlike other doctors who wrote there and then) so that my dad could undergo the treatment in Penang.

Separately, my dad planned to get a second opinion from another oncologist. This oncologist, upon learning my dad's intention, advised him not to do "shopping".
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  1. My dad Peter's a pro at story telling

  2. Twilight Man Says:

    Being a Hospice volunteer for many years, I often heard of many cases where the doctors could not detect the cancer areas at times until too late. So it is definitely wise to get 2-3 opinions until you are convinced. Meanwhile you can advise your dad to drink lots of pure lemon juice daily with some honey to sweeten. The large doses of lemon's alkaline could help to slow down the blood from becoming too acidic. Just my 2 cents.
    Stay strong always!

  3. William Says:

    The situation is really peculiar. And I thought scans were so fantastic in detection.