Atlas Reactor: Headstart

All those who purchased Atlas Reactor before the official launch were able to play earlier (hence the "headstart") since 30 Sep.

On the run-up to this date, I dusted off Guild Wars 2 and started from scratch i.e. a new character since there were significant changes. I tried necromancer and quite like it. I now have separate builds for PVE (minion master) and PVP (condi + boon corruption) since boon corruption is usually useless in PVE.

However, I'm sad that (the developer) has broken the game with the introduction of the last expansion, Heart of Thorns ("HoT"), which comes with a new specialisation tree. It seems that (at least according to forum, reddit etc) it's always the case that the best builds utilise this new tree. That means non-HoT players are at a disadvantage especially in PVP. It also severely reduces the variety of builds.

On top of this major flaw, they also increased the amount of grinding for opening up desired traits. This actually frustrates me more than not having the pay-to-win expansion.

So it's no surprise that I have not played Guild Wars 2 since 30 Sep because I was busy playing Atlas Reactor.

1st pvp match Headstart top contri

This was my 1st PVP match and I was the top contributor despite not having the mods that I wanted (didn't have any mod tokens yet) :)

Since then, for PVP matches, I had also played Quark, Grey, Lockwood and Zuki. My W/L record thus far is 10-11. Not really good but I still enjoy playing this game. Hopefully I'll get better.

They have added broadcast recognising certain achievements. Currently, they're watching for the first 5 players for each of these category:

  • level up a character to level 20
  • win 1000 PVP matches
  • reach season level 500
I was aiming for the first one but it's probably too late already as I personally read broadcast for Helio, Blackburn and Elle. Moreover, I can't play many matches in a row especially since there are other things I want to do :)
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