Atlas Reactor: all frontliners

Someone in my group wanted to play Phaedra to complete a mission. I wanted to play Rampart (also a frontliner) for the same reason. So I asked the group whether they are ok with that or they prefer me playing another role.

Someone told me to play what I wanted but immediately followed by someone else's suggestion for all members to player frontliners. That got spontaneous approval from the other 2 who promptly changed to that role, leaving me still trying to lock in my choice lol. At their urging, I did choose Rampart and here's the resulting crazy match:

I don't usually play Rampart. In fact, I believed he is my least played freelancer.

The current set of mods I'm using are (loadout points in bracket):

(1) Radamantium flurry: Battle rush (1)

Because of the mods I chose for ability 2, 4 and 5, it's either this mod or Area Suppression (simply due to leftover loadout point). I don't like the latter. Decently skilled enemies wouldn't be surrounding a Rampart and so this mod is almost useless (but bear in mind I'm not a Rampart player haha). Battle Rush is my first choice because it gives me more energy to gain the ultimate ability, which is the only dash ability that Rampart has.

(2) Bullwark: Bunker (2)

It's a toss-up between this and Defensive Posture. On one hand, Bunker gives you actual healing but only if enemies hit the shield. On the other hand, Defensive Posture gives 25 shield unconditionally and useful against attack that bypasses the shield e.g. Gremolitions' mine, Zuki's Big One. So I'm not sure which one gives more "effective healing".

(3) Fusion lance: Radamantium tipped blade (3)

The idea behind this mod is to combo with Bullwark: pull 2 targets towards me and then next turn use Bullwark to protect myself, hopefully gain some heals and to attack plus slow these targets. Sounds good on paper but so far, multiple targets don't appear often. Rocket Lance may be a better mod because of its range but I loathe not utilising all loadout points. So I'll monitor this further.

(4) Unstoppable force: Invincible (2)

15 shield is too good to pass over because of sustain.

(5) Aegis protocol: Rocket boosters (2)

Since it's Rampart's only dash ability, it's good to have the option to dash further to either get away, attack enemies who are further away or to protect allies. Engine Of War is another possibility if Rocket Lance mod is used for Fusion lance (thereby freeing 1 loadout point).
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