Atlas Reactor: first 5 again

I am the first 5 players to level up Grey to 20. I tried to do the same for Gremolition and Orion but couldn't make it.

Subsequently, I wasn't interested in playing much of the new freelancers until Khita came along. She's the latest support freelancer and after trying her out in vs AI bots and PvP, I decided that I liked her enough (and still do) for me to try being the first 5 players to level her up to 20.

When the 3rd player was announced, I went "Nooooooooooooooooooooo" in the chat hahaha. I believed my Khita was level 16 or 17 then. The problem is that the list I used to refer to is no longer updated and so it was hard to know who had done so already. The "3rd player" announcement was the latest indication. The first one was someone on Atlas Reactor's Discord complaining about not being able to unlock a Mastery skin despite leveling up Khita to 20 (and it is still a bug currently).

Finally, just past 3am on Friday, 3 March, I made it :)

Khita level 20_1

(Incorrect grammar. It should be "is the fourth player" because that is still true at that point and forever into the future)

Khita level 20_2

Khita level 20_3
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