Atlas Reactor: Grey

Grey is the first freelancer I leveled to 20 after launch and I am the 4th person to do so :) It is still my highest level freelancer (level 23) at present.

I'm still using the same build today, unchanged since pre-launch (loadout points in bracket):
(Please refer to Atlas Reactor official website for description and video of the abilities)

(1) Tracer bolt: Hunt them down (2)
(2) Hawk drone: Infrared enhancement (2)
(3) Tranquilizer dart: Overdose (2)
(4) Slip away: Agile escape (2)
(5) Voltaic cage: Zapper (2)

As stated before, I generally aim for consistency and survivability.

So first off, I addressed her greatest weakness i.e. her dash (4). By default and with all mods except for one, she can only dash to a 3x3 area within her drone and thus making her susceptible to area effect attack such as Aurora's Ion Cloud. Agile Escape increases this area by 1 i.e. 4x4. With some judicious positioning of the drone, you have more choices of safe spot to dash to.

Next is Infrared Enhancement mod: it allows drone to attack invisible enemies. Great for consistency as it will target enemies in camouflage tiles and those using invisibility abilities or catalyst.

Overdose mod slows the target too and so can be used defensively (weakens and slows pursuer while trying to shake him off) or aggressively (causing target to move halfway to the next cover and therefore out in the open).

Hunt Them Down mod increases damage to tracked target. This is chosen after a process of elimination:
(a) Energy gain is not good because her ultimate ability is underwhelming
(b) Cooldown reduction for the drone is bad because the cooldown is naturally a short duration of 2
(c) I never like piercing because it's situational (and hence much less consistent) and the mod doesn't even do damage to second target but merely track both targets. To get mileage out of this, the secondary target must be within drone range the next turn, which again is situational.

Lastly, Voltaic Cage mod increases damage of the ultimate ability. Problem with the ultimate ability is that it requires enemies to move through its cage to trigger the damage. The other mod I considered was the extra range mod but it increases range by only 1. If it's by 2, I would likely take that instead.

Below is a video of the last ranked match I played. It was quite stressful at the start because I was at around 12hp by turn 4! Yet, I did the highest damage (thanks to Helio for keeping me alive!) right up to turn 10 before I needed to take a breather to heal up. At the end of the match, our Elle did the highest damage followed by me.

Incidentally, although the video shows "Defeat" at the end, my team won. For whatever reason, the replay videos always put my team in the Red team and the outcome of the match is always from the point of view of the Blue team. So "Defeat" means the Red team (my team) wins.

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