Atlas Reactor: NEV:3

NEV:3 is quite an unusual firepower freelancer. Like Gremolitions Inc., hitting one target does less damage than a typical firepower freelancer but hitting more than one deals significantly higher damage. She is good against enemies who love to bunch up together and/or line up in a straight line. Quite strong versus melee freelancers, if she can survive.

This is my current build:
(read this wikia for details on abilities and mods)

(1) Catarang - Kitten Mittens (2 loadout points)

This mod increases NEV:3's survival, especially since her catarang can hit all targets in its path. I don't like Inertia and Meowch because they are too conditional to get value out of them. Frisky is ok since energy mod is kind of neutral.

(2) Embiggify - Fat Cat (2 loadout points)

More shield! Collar mod is a favourite of many players but I prefer slow to root. Frisky is too conditional.

(3) Mousetrap - (unequipped)

No leftover loadout points. Previously when I used haste mod on the dash ability, I took Feline Good.

(4) Acrocat - Disc Fever (3 loadout points)

Oftentimes, I can choose to dash in such a way the return catarang can hit at least one target and so this mod is great in giving more pain. Previously, I used Catwalk, which was pretty good too. I guess it depends on whether you want to be a little more aggressive or defensive.

I don't think Hot Tin Roof is a good mod as it takes away the flexibility in positioning.

(5) Cataclysm - Feral (3 loadout points)

This mod performs consistently for me. Catnip is not bad too but positioning is difficult if you want to get value out of this mod by ensuring returning catarangs hit some targets. Being mighted and hitting a chosen target the following turn takes less guesswork.

In these gameplays, my NEV:3 here was using the haste mod on her dash.

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