Atlas Reactor: Rampart

Recently, I changed the build of my Rampart (previous build here):
(read this wikia for details on abilities and mods)

(1) Radamantium flurry: Battle Rush (1)

This is still the best mod, in my opinion, because it helps Rampart to gain ultimate faster, which is his only dash and it can also help to protect his allies.

(2) Bullwark: Bunker (2)

Makes Rampart more durable and less pressure on his support. If enemies have at least 2 enemies whose primary attack can bypass Rampart's shield e.g. Gremolitions, Phaedra and Orion, then I will switch to Defensive Posture. The last time this happened was like...last year? Haha.

(3) Fusion lance: Rocket Lance (2)

This is the only change. I so rarely got mileage out of Radamantium Tipped Blade mod. On the other hand, sometimes I just lacked the range to hook an enemy. Hence this mod. This makes my Rampart's performance more consistent. I'm happier with this mod compared to the previous one. Yes, this means that I have one loadout point leftover.

(4) Unstoppable force: Invincible (2)

Same reason as previous build.

(5) Aegis protocol: Rocket boosters (2)

Same reason as previous build.

Here's a recent gameplay using this build:

My Rampart received the accolades Exemplar and Vanguard, despite the boo-boo on turn 17: I wanted to use the dash catalyst but then I noticed Titus has dagger. I panicked, took too long to decide and so ended doing nothing. Luckily it turned out to be a good accidental mind game haha.

In terms of win rate, Rampart is the most successful (77%) among all Frontline freelancers. I don't know why this is so, given that he is probably the hardest to play in that role. My next best is Phaedra (73%) while the most played, Rask, has 71% win rate.
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