Kwong Wah

I have found the best chendol in PJ and possibly in Malaysia:

Kwong Wah chendol 1

Kwong Wah chendol 2

(Apologies for the photos' quality. The chendol looks better than what's depicted here).

It's by Kwong Wah at Happy Mansion, Block C.

It is also the most expensive (RM 5.50) but it's worth it. The ice is soft. Not too greasy from coconut milk. The gula Melaka (Malaysia's special palm sugar) is not overpowering. Chednol is the soft type but doesn't disntegrate at a mere touch.

Chendol lovers, go try it. I'm certain you'll like it.
2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    RM5.50 for cendol?! So mahal. Well I'll try it, at least once. Is it as good as the roadside Mamak cendol; and the durian cendol in Melaka? SR

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Yes, it's the most expensive so far but it's worth it. Nowadays, very hard to find good chendol, whether from roadside sellers or in shops. I generally stay away from durian and so haven't tried durian chendol.