Mage Knight fixed!

Seven months ago, I blogged about the rather severe case of defective items of our (Ban's and mine) Mage Knight boardgame. I remember losing hope that we would get proper replacement for them.

Hence, I was pleasantly surprised when I received an e-mail in January from the owner of the Meeples shop telling me that he tried calling me (I was in Australia then) to tell me the replacement parts were in. Yay!

Ban collected them and accounted for all items except for 1 missing token but I agreed with him that it didn't matter then. It is only 1 token. Later, I also found out that 1 replacement basic action card was worse than the original. Again, we can live with that. Most importantly, the back of each cards are of the same shade of colours as that of the remaining original non-defective cards and thereby preserving the randomness of the game. Yay!

Recently, we've been playing the game on a daily basis, mainly because, to our shock, we discovered (yet) another 2 (subtle) rules that we had not been following. This is the main drawback of the game: the rules are complex and, in our opinion, can be simplified.

It is still a great fun game and can really exercise your mind greatly as it involves plenty of planning, calculations, remembering and judgement. Good for your cognitive function :)
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  1. Ban Says:

    cognitive functions shall be stretched to the limit!