Hokkien Char @Butterworth

Hokkien Char RM4

Apparently, this is a unique dish in Butterworth. In fact, I have not seen it sold anywhere else.

I was looking at all the food available at a particular hawker centre when I came across this. I was curious and decided to try it.

It cost RM4, which I understand is a normal price for zhi cha over there. That's really considered cheap compared to KL (usually at least RM6).

It has a mixture of the yellow noodle and mee hoon. The gravy was good enough i.e. didn't wow me but tasty.

What made this dish interesting was the variety of ingredient it had: liver, prawn, fishcake, pork and leafy vegetables.

Definitely worth the money spent. Now, if only I remember which hawker centre it was lol.
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