Simply Chicken @One Utama

After targeting this place for sometime, Ban and I finally managed to try this as part of our try-new-food-once-a-week endeavour.

Simply Chic (a)

Simply Chic (b)

The steamed kampung chicken (RM13.90) was not bad especially since we ordered chicken breast meat. Its sauce was good. The chicken soup tasted like it should (rather the run-of-the-mill kind of salty soup); it possibly could be genuine i.e. without artificial flavouring. The complimentary spicy and sour mixed vegetable soup was sufficiently rich. It was less sour than kiam chai (salted vegetable) soup and it spiciness was a little potent for my liking (which, admittedly, doesn't say much since I can't take too spicy food hehehe).

Simply Chic (c)

The kailan (Chinese broccoli) was fresh, a little crunchy and had the right amount of sauce. It was excellent. The stewed marinated tofu and egg (RM4.80) was light in taste. I preferred a little heavier, especially with respect to the egg.

Simply Chic 9

The pandan chendol had a peculiar sweetness. It was more sweet than bitter. It was good in a different sort of way. I still prefer Nyonya chendol.
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